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El Mundo is now DJing and producing for more than 13 years and he presents music that shows his soul to the audience. His sound goes through the ears straight into the heart and transmits the emotions of El Mundo himself. In 2007 he started his project with Satori and together they catched the perfect combination of dance music and musical intelligence. In 2012 he picked up his solo project again, which led to a deeper and mature sound. El Mundo was involved in releases on Bondage Music, Get Physical, Underyourskin Records, Heinz Music and is spreading his sound at gigs around the world.

He is very interested in philosophy and spirituality. That runs through his life. For El Mundo everything he does, needs to have a connection to his feelings. The reason why he makes music is because he loves the process of making music and to create a special vibe, which takes the audience on a journey. He believes everything is connected; people, nature, animals. We come all from one. And with this in his head, he lives his life. Focussing not only on his own growth, but also the growth of people around him. When he sees other people having a good time, he is having a good time. Thats also his ambition with DJ’ing.

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